FCL is a long term oriented, value focused investment company in search for deep value unconventional and asymmetric risk/return investment opportunities  

A BRICs based global investment company




FCL Opportunities is a vehicle for sophisticated investors seeking long term exposure to global investment opportunities shaped by the rise of emerging markets, global convergence and the technological revolution, with a focus on BRIC related stock ideas located in G7 countries.

Investment Philosophy:

  • A long term value investment partnership seeking to identify and profit from global trends and investment opportunities given birth by the rise of BRIC countries

  • A focus on “out of the box” and away from consensus investment ideas

  • Long term and capital preservation focus

  • Deep research and constant monitoring of the market with a global mindset

  • Positive long term dollar compounding returns as an objective


FCL Hedge is a Brazil based fund to investors in general looking for an investment solution able to outperform the local CDI Benchmark in medium and long periods without incurring in too much volatility.

Investment Philosophy:

  • Strict risk control discipline

  • Focus on outperforming CDI index

  • Focus on top down allocation and macro considerations

  • International exposure of up to 20% of fund´s net assets


FCL Capital, a long term oriented, value focused, global investment holding company specialized in searching for deep value, unconventional and asymmetric risk/return investment opportunities.

FCL is proud to have an “out of the box” investment philosophy, with a longer time frame and a willingness to hold unloved investments. We believe in value, in buying exceptional business at discounted prices, in thinking “beyond conventional wisdom” while looking for neglected and unconventional investments and unlocking value through a superior analytical framework, with a disregard for consensus and popular opinions.

Our first investment platform was Clube Investimentos FCL Capital, back in 2007, which was converted in a brazil based equity fund in 2012, with the mission to invest in brazilian small cap companies in the Bovespa stock exchange. With the success of this investment program, that throughout its life outperformed most equity benchmarks and generated significant alpha for its investors, FCL decided to adopt a new strategy and divide the fund in two new platforms: a brazil based global equity fund with the mission to invest in companies across the globe that might benefit from the rise of the BRICs and a multimarket fund with tight risk control and higher liquidity for more conservative investors.

FCL takes a holistic approach and while it dedicates most of its time to bottom up analysis, it also is a devoted observer of macro trends and events. We look forward to our new chapter and adopt a global investing perspective with a BRICs base.

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