A globally minded
investment partnership

FCL is a long term oriented, value focused investment company in search for deep value unconventional and asymmetric risk/return investment opportunities  



FCL Opportunities is a vehicle for sophisticated investors seeking long term exposure to global investment opportunities shaped by the rise of emerging markets, global convergence and the technological revolution, with a focus on BRIC related stock ideas located in G7 countries.

Investment Philosophy:

  • A long term value investment partnership seeking to identify and profit from global trends and investment opportunities given birth by the rise of BRIC countries

  • A focus on “out of the box” and away from consensus investment ideas

  • Long term and capital preservation focus

  • Deep research and constant monitoring of the market with a global mindset

  • Positive long term dollar compounding returns as an objective

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FCL Capital is a long term oriented, value focused, global investment company specialized in searching for unconventional and asymmetric risk/return investment opportunities.

Our mission is to find value in the confluence between globalization, global convergence and the development of new technologies and habits in the global, 21st century society.

Situated in one of the BRIC countries and founded by professionals with roots in the intersection between the real economy and finance, we explore a unique perspective based on emerging markets and the holistic vision behind a company’s numbers and spreadsheets. We are proud to have an “out of the box” investment philosophy, with a longer time frame and willingness to hold on to unloved investments, with disregard for consensus and popular opinions.